Day 30: What’s In Your Make-Up Bag?

Oh wow. Um…which one?

Funny story – my friend, Meg, and I were getting ready for my bachelorette party at her place and she asked me to bring my make-up. I showed up with a beach bag full of stuff. Her response? ‘What?! What is this? You’re not supposed to have this, little eco-friendly hippie!’, followed by lots of cute giggles. 
Make-up is my guilty pleasure, despite the fact that I rarely bother with anything more than base/eyeliner/mascara and, when I do, I wear the same thing over and over. But, I will share my favorite make-up secret that fills most of my make-up bag space:
Disclaimer: I am in no way connected or affiliated with Everyday Minerals or Everyday Naturals. Scout’s honor. I just really, really like the stuff. 
I’ve bounced back and forth between make-up brands for (gulp) fifteen years now, and I can never settle on one for longer than a few months before I start breaking out. I tried Bare Minerals, but it contains bismuth – a metal ingredient which I, and most other women, are allergic to. I loved the make-up, hated the itching and redness. So, I happened upon this company, and bought $48 worth of make-up. Compared to the other companies, it is a ton of product. I have base, concealer, bronzer, and several dozen little blush and eye-shadow containers. I’m pretty sold on my Rimmel eyeliner and mascara, but Everyday Minerals completely won me over. I didn’t break out, it looks great, it was budget friendly…and I’ve had it a year and a half and it’s not even half gone even though I use it near daily. I’ve also become much stricter in my personal eco-friendliness, and this fits the bill. 
So, there ya go – my make-up bag is full of Everyday Minerals! (and Rimmell eyeliner and mascara, and maybe a couple of new tubes of pink and red lipstick from my pin-up girl party…) 

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