Day 31: Why Do I Blog?

This prompt is an incredible one upon which to end this series! Instead of writing for paragraphs on end, I’ll just make a list. I blog because:

  • I like sharing things I find with people.
  • I like sharing experiences with people.
  • I like helping and teaching.
  • I enjoy the networking that comes with blogging. 
  • I love being eco-friendly, and even more love helping other people become eco-friendly!
  • I love supporting others in their endeavors. 
  • I love encouraging others to grab life by the seat of it’s pants and do what they want to do – a blog makes it easier to do that worldwide rather than locally. There’s not a lot going on here locally. 
  • I like raving about products I love and think you would love, too.
….and a million other reasons I can’t think of right now. ♥
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