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This is a tad late, but I want to start implementing a daily wrap-up. I doubt it will be every day, but at least a few times a week. So, here’s the wrap-up for today (June 16th, because I haven’t been to sleep yet!).

Pardon my horrid editing and that little blank space. I couldn’t make it go away, and it’s getting late. Now, from the top left: 1. VagabondHusband ♥ We went hiking today, and he hates having his photo taken. I took it anyway, and this is what I got. I ♥ it. 2. This is one little cove-esque area of the mountain we were hiking on. All it needs is butterflies or fairies and it could be the scene for a fantasy land movie. 3. That would be Matt – I’ve mentioned him a few times on here. He’s one of my best friends, and is tutoring me in German. Thank goodness…I start German 2 in the Fall and I know maybe four words. 4. Even nature likes my favorite color combo. I giggled, and took a photo.

Also today, but not pictured – VagabondHusband and I went to dinner, where we proceeded to pick on each other and laugh endlessly. Then he took me to Joann’s, where I scored some red fabric on clearance for a dress I want to recreate as well as a Xacto to fix a purse recon-gone-wrong. Afterward, we came home, and attacked our computers. He is currently addicted to Minecraft, which I got him for Father’s Day.

Which brings me to my next subject – I will have a longer post later today, but a very happy Father’s Day to both of my awesome dads, the dads I co-parent with, and VagabondHusband (who is both a daddy and a step-daddy, and hold both titles amazingly. ♥)

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