DIY Travel Paint Kit

I spotted this little box at a local thrift store for .68 and immediately knew what I wanted to do with it. See, I have a travel paint set, but my dark hole of a purse guarantees that I will lose the brushes and/or will bend/ruin any paper I keep on hand. So, I made myself a paint box! All I had to do was rip out the inside, measure cardboard to fit, cover it with vintage sheet scraps, and fill it with paint supplies. I cut watercolor paper to ACEO dimensions, cut down a few different styles of paintbrushes, and tossed in tubes of primary colors – not pictured is a baby food top, for water! Now I’m ready to watercolor sketch wherever I go!


  1. Super cute & functional!

  2. Great idea. I used to carry around art supplies so I could art journal at any time. Now I use the apps on my iPhone. Works great for me but sometimes I miss those art supplies.

  3. It’s even cuter than I thought it would be. What a great and beautiful idea!

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