Summer Blog Challenge Day 1

Going Green with the Grizls

Apparently, I like challenges. We just wrapped up one yesterday, and I’m doing another until the end of June and one more until the end of Summer. What am I thinking?! I’ll tell you what I’m thinking, since today’s topic is ‘Why are you doing this challenge?’.

I’m thinking that, even though I’m an eco-friendly/DIY blogger, I don’t want my blog to be full of information. It’s still my blog, with a real person behind the scenes creating things. While some things in my life are personal, I like that my readers will get to know a bit about me. ♥ If you would like to join the Summer Blog Challenge, link up by clicking the above button!

Day 2- Picture of Me Smiling!
Day 3- 15 Interesting Facts About Me
Day 4 – What Does My Blog Name Mean/June What’s the Word [Bubbles]
Day 5 – Short Term Goals for This Month and Why
Day 6 – Nicknames!
Day 9 – Worst Cooking Disaster
Day 10 – Cost Aside, What Piece of Art Would I Own?
Day 11- Best Day of My Life
Day 12: Worst Injury
Day 13: How Do I See Myself At the End of the Year? 

This is a Blog Hop! Check out everyone else’s posts on the same subjects!



  2. Yeah! There some blogs that I love, but don’t really know the bloggers. Best of luck!

    CJR @ TMB

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