Eco-Friendly Minimalist Shoes!

I hate shoes. I know, it’s a very much against the stero-type for a woman to hate shoes, but I do. I drive barefoot if I can, and hike and run barefoot if at all possible. Thing about that, though…it’s not particularly safe. While I may feel more comfortable with the grit of the pavement or bumpiness of the grass and gravel under my feet, it really sucks to run across a jagged rock or piece of glass. Really, really sucks.

So, I’ve spent the past year hunting for minimalist shoes and just wasn’t thrilled with the selection. I love to run, but I wanted everyday wear. I also didn’t want to spend an entire utility bill on a simple foot covering, and I really didn’t want to pay over $100 for a product made of questionable materials. Not that they would do me harm, but I try not to contribute to the mass of non-recyclable content on this planet. Try. I don’t always succeed. I was determined to succeed this time.

Then, I accidentally ran across Kigo Footwear online. Holy smokes – they’re cute, eco-friendly, AND super thin?! I fell in love, immediately. Not only do they make cute, eco-friendly minimalist shoes, but the company itself is dedicated to ‘ecological accountability‘. Kigo sent me a pair of the Flits to try out, and I wore them for a great majority of my vacation in Savannah last week. I did buy a couple pair of the cotton no-show socks to help with sweating (it was 90 degrees, and we don’t have AC in the Jeep) and new-shoe adjustment (my feet really, really hate shoes), but I adore these shoes. My wore them kayaking and could easily curl and stretch my feet when needed, and they dried very quickly. I wore them out walking and running, and I could feel the surface of the ground covering under my toes. I was so happy, I squealed. Loudly. It was obnoxious and VagabondHusband pretended he didn’t know me.

Now, if you are interested in a pair of Kigos, you are absolutely in luck! Kigo is running an awesomely creative deal! Check it out:

Kigo Discount
That’s right – buy one, paint it, and then send in a picture with your order number and you get another pair for free!! Check out all the details

What do you think of barefoot running shoes? Which pair of Kigos would you like to buy?

  • Sara Pearsall

    I absolutely love to run barefoot! I used to several years ago before we moved to Florida (they didn’t keep the streets or sidewalks very clean there, so I never tried). Then my Hubby and I fell in love with Vibrams – the 5 finger toe shoes. I can’t say enough good things about them! They are hands down one of my favorite shoes ever…and I am a shoe fanatic! I love shoes that feel like they aren’t there, especially for outdoor activities. I’d love to get my booty running again soon and maybe give those Vibrams a workout. I will be checking these out as well! Great post : )

    • Rachelle

      Thanks for your post! We hope you’ll give kigos a try. They’re a nice alternative to the Five Fingers for everyday wear, because of their conservative design, but have a very similar ground feel.
      Best to you! Happy running! Rachelle (from kigo)