Freedom Friday (sort of): The Clothes Line Project

The Clothes Line Project Shirts

Better late than never, eh? I thought I had a Freedom Friday lined up, but she wanted to do the interview in a few weeks. SO, I have something extra special, and a little late. When I walked out of class on Thursday, these clothes-lines full of t-shirts caught my eye. I went to talk to the ladies at the table and discovered that this is a project called ‘The Clothes Line Project, and our campus Women’s Resource Center was at the helm. Each colored shirt represents something different – black is child abuse, yellow is battered women, teal is sexual abuse and/or rape, and white is someone who was murdered as a result of one of the above. Each t-shirt either says something related to that type of abuse or was designed by the victim. Some say beautiful things, and others were very obviously a release for the victim. This project was encouraging, as it not only brought awareness to the issues but also gave victims a way to speak out without showing their faces. The table had t-shirt paints, stencils, and anyone could come by and design a shirt – victim or not.
Domestic Violence Shirts
The Clothesline Project Shirts

The Clothesline Project Shirts

The Clothes Line Project shirts

What do you think about The Clothes Line Project?

  • Meghan Stoneburner

    Absolutely wonderful! <3

  • The Detox Diva

    I love when women are turned on to their creativity to heal from abuse and other trauma. It’s transformational and THIS is great because it glimpses into the healing process and allows others to connect with that pain and healing. Awesome!

  • Jaime @

    This is powerful, emotional, raw, and effective. I hope this project spreads!

  • Sarah @ made in usa challenge

    What a beautiful display of awareness and power. Visual actions like this really grab your attention, your mind and heart. I hope it was also a therapeutic process for those that contributed. I love that you stopped to inquire more!

  • Emily

    This is awesome! Very powerful, and such an important message that needs to be delivered.

  • Destany Fenton

    Exactly what Jaime said. This is really inspiring and I hope it catches on!

  • Jaime Davis

    This is absolutely beautiful, as a survivor myself I want to thank you for posting this <3

  • Sage

    This is a pretty amazing project. An outlet for the victim, while raising awareness, too.

  • Anonymous

    WOW!! Way to go KSU!! That is a great project!!