Thankvember Blog Hop

The plethora of flowers that normally envelope the Georgia scenery have rapidly disappeared and we are now blanketed in leaves that resemble a burning sunset. Not only does this mean cooler weather is moving in, but it also means the holidays are approaching at speeds that could rival a freight train. As someone who comes from a ridiculously large family with more family gatherings than I could possibly attend, on top of being a former retail worker, the words ‘the holidays’ send my anxiety into such an overdrive that my dear doctor has, multiple times, offered ‘seasonal’ medication. I didn’t take it, obviously, being a ‘natural’ individual when it comes to medication. I just hold my breath for a few months and try not to snap anyone’s head off. For me, being a peaceful little Buddhist, this change in mental state is quite an adjustment. I don’t like being stressed. I don’t like being angry. I don’t like being pressured, or resentful.

So, this year, I’m doing things a bit differently. We don’t have the kids this year for the big arrival of Santa, so I’m up in the air as to whether or not I’m going to try to convince VagabondHusband to simply spend the holidays as a couple, stress-free, until the kids come home. On top of that, I’m going to do something I did in a much smaller form on Facebook last year, and participate in ‘Thankvember’. Every day through the month of Thanksgiving, I’m going to post something I’m thankful for. Instead of stressing over gifts and how we’re going to get 4 kids to 15 different places in 3 days (mostly to see relatives we haven’t seen or spoken to since the last seasonal rush), I’m going to focus on the things I have to be grateful for. Gratitude is a big deal to me, but I don’t always express it. Still, I notice that I say ‘thank you’ or ‘I appreciate this’ way more often than I hear it, and I feel that is a definite flaw in our current society.

Lets be thankful, appreciative, and gratuitous this season! You can incorporate this into your normal posts (for those over-scheduled bloggers), or you can create posts just for this hop. Either way, be sure to link up on the linky below and visit other bloggers to see what they’re thankful for each day! It’s easier to spread gratefulness when we encourage each other. ♥ As a side note, if you plan on participating all month, it’s probably better to create a button and link that here, so it takes us to your Thankvember rather than just your homepage.We also have the button that you can put on your sidebar so that your readers can come right back to this post and join us, and a Facebook Group!

Can’t wait to see what everyone is thankful for!

The Vagabond Studio

  • Meghan Stoneburner

    I know I’m early but I sure am thankful for you.

  • Amanda McMahon

    it is the little things sometimes, right :)

  • JR911

    Great post…..I am certainly thankful for everything I have and the little things are what mean the most.

  • crunchyfarmbaby

    Stoked to participate!

  • Nicole @ Some Call It Natural

    Great idea. I will have to see if I have time to participate.

  • Romina

    What a great idea. Sometimes it’s nice to just stop and think and actually write down all the things that you are thankful for in life.

  • Shan Jeniah Burton

    I love this idea! I am doing NaNoWriMo, and there are homeschooling reports due on December 1 – but I intend to leave space for this, because gratitude is energizing and makes the world a better place! =D

    Thank YOU for running with this…

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