Freedom Friday: Old New Borrowed Redo!

As I mentioned earlier this month, my bouquets were featured in the Winter/Spring 2013 edition of Eco-Beautiful Weddings! So, of course, when the issue was released I found myself reading it from cover to cover and found myself jaw-dropped when stumbling across these amazing ladies. I immediately took to my email and asked for a Freedom Friday interview. 
Lindsey and Jennifer, the twin-sisters who own and run Old New Borrowed Redo, have spent the past few years making custom keepsakes out of those all-important wedding dresses that just sit in storage after the big day. How genius is this?! I can’t tell you how many formal dresses I still own (junior Prom, anyone) simply because they are sentimental, and these creative women take those and turn them into something not only worth keeping, but something that can be used/displayed and taken out of the back of your guest bedroom closet. See how adorable some of their keepsakes can be? They took this bridesmaid dress:
and turned it into this! 

So lets hear more from Jennifer and Lindsey:

Tell us a little about yourselves.
JM: We are identical twin sisters and the designers behind Old New Borrowed Redo. We were
born and raised in beautiful San Diego, California. We’ve always been each other’s best friend
and biggest support. We separated for four years while attending college, but reconnected while
attending law school.

LR: I attended the University of Arizona where I met my husband Jody. We were married
outside of San Diego and have been married for two years.

JM: I met my husband, Joel, four years ago and we just got married in December 2012 in a
destination wedding on the island of Maui.

 Do either of you have any formal design/wedding experience, or are you self-taught?

LR: We‘re self-taught. Although we don’t have formal design and/or wedding experience, we
have a love and passion for designing special keepsakes for our customers.

JM: We pride ourselves on the fact that we design all of our keepsakes from start to finish.

You came up with Old New Borrowed Redo after realizing that you didn’t want to just
store your dress. How easy was it, after the initial idea, to come up with design ideas? What
was that process like?

LR: The initial process was exciting but also challenging. We had to come up with designs that
were not only practical but could also be accomplished by reusing and repurposing material from
a wedding and/or bridesmaid dress.

JM: We started by taking apart sample dresses, pulling from dresses sitting in our own closets,
and came up with a few sample keepsakes. We knew we wanted to create keepsakes that were
practical and could be displayed, so we started by making pillows and baby blankets.

LR: When we tackled bridesmaid dresses, we knew that some customers wouldn’t want to be
limited to just the fabric of the dress, so the challenge became finding additional fabrics that
complimented, but did not take away, from the sentimental purpose of the bridesmaid dress.

JM: Since we launched, our designs have expanded and we now design pillows, baby blankets,
throw blankets, sachet bags and picture frames from repurposed, one-time wear dresses.

Are there any plans to expand to different ‘Redo’ projects?

JM: We always have plans to expand our keepsake galleries. The main objective behind what
we do is to take sentimental clothing in our lives, repurpose them, and create beautiful and
sentimental custom keepsakes.

LR: In fact, our customers are always inspiring us to expand our line. With our “Quinn Elena”
pillow, not only did our customer repurpose her bridesmaid dress, but she wanted to reuse
her husband’s groomsman shirt, too, and we were able to make great use out of two pieces of
clothing and create a pillow that our customer could gift to her friend.

JM: We would love to do more redo projects for men.

What advice would you give another entrepreneur in the upcycling/hand-crafting

LR: The best piece of advice we’ve received during this process is to work hard and understand
that starting a new business, whether it’s upcycling, hand-crafting or any new business, takes

JM: Be passionate about what you are doing, knowing that you’re not only creating beautiful
items but also being eco-friendly. If you have a product or a concept that you truly believe in, it
will resonate with your customers.

I personally love the ONBR idea because it’s, technically, an eco-friendly project.
You’re taking something and turning it into something else rather than buying new, using
up storage space, or trashing it. Are there any other eco-friendly aspects in your lives?

JM: Since we started ONBR, we’ve both been diligent about going through our closets and
repurposing dresses and clothing that have sentimental value. We both held on to dresses we
wore when we were teenagers that are being redone into pillows and baby blankets. When we
work on a keepsake our objective is to reuse all of the material of the dress so that we don’t
waste any part of the dress.

LR: We’ve started by purchasing energy efficient appliances and conserving water. We love
following blogs, like yours, so we can learn more about eco-friendly practices and incorporating
them in our every day lives.

Be sure to check out Old New Borrowed Redo on their website, and you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter!


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