Compassion: One World


In my Values and Society class, we have discussed something called the ‘sphere of moral concern’.  We are reading Peter Singer’s work entitled ‘One World’ and, in it, Singer asks us to question what and who we accept into our sphere of moral concern. For most people, that answer is generally restrained to those things that personally affect them – family, close friends, etc. But what about the things and people located outside of that tightly-knit circle? What about people in another community? Another continent? What about animals and trees? According to Singer and his proposed view of ‘One World’, all sentient beings on the planet should be equal, take equal shares of the environment and, if integrated with Karen Armstrong’s philosophy of dethroning ourselves from our world, should all be shown compassion equally.

Later this week, I may post part or all of my most recent paper in this class – it’s directly related to this. I made a B+, though, and have a few edits to make first. In the meantime, I ran across this incredible hand-created map made by Children Inspired Design. She has a lot of beautiful work, and donates 100% of the proceeds of the compassion map to a children’s nutrition program in Bangladesh. Why? Because she’s compassionate, and wants to inspire compassion. I think this map is beautiful because, other than the land/ocean divide, there are absolutely zero boundaries. Instead of sectioning us off into political nations and geographic regions, the emphasis is placed upon the fact that we are one world, and we all inhabit it together. No matter what nationality, race, religion, or even species, we are all in this together.

For more information about the incredible compassion map, here’s a video!

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  • Tracey @ Dont Mess with Mama

    What an inspiring program. I love supporting artists who give back to the community. And her artwork is amazing.

  • Tamara

    I love this map! I’d love to add it to my kids room. Thanks for finding it and sharing it!