Compassion in a Nutshell, via Sage

Happy Sunday, everyone! Sage Adderley is back today for a visit! We haven’t seen her here on the blog since she contributed weekly for the Wednesday Recipe feature, so I’m excited to share her ‘In a Nutshell’ view on compassion.

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I’ve been using the word compassionate a lot over the past year to describe the type of person I desire to be. It’s not that I haven’t been compassionate before. I just don’t believe I fully realized what it truly meant to be a compassionate being. For me, compassion is to be kind, to feel for yourself and for others, to help, to guide, and to listen. Compassion means to do all those things without judgment or preconceived notions about people or their situations.

Spreading compassion in your life is simple. Listen to your loved ones without being critical. Hold their hand, hug them, or try to alleviate some of their stress. Give to someone in need without questioning their motives or choices because those things don’t matter when you are giving from your heart. Teach your children about compassion and how to have tender hearts for themselves, others, animals, and the environment.

Being compassionate is acknowledging that we are not alone in this world. Each of us plays an important role within our community and most importantly, in the entire world. Have compassion with no expectations in return or else you are doing it wrong.

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