I’m Raising and Eco-Conscious Child?!


If you don’t already know, this little beauty is ArtistChild. She likes art. (Obviously.) She also like to make people laugh, and is an absolute sweetheart. She’s even won the ‘Sweetheart of the Class’ award two years in a row. While I find myself swimming pre-teen hormones and the normal mother/daughter battle-of-wills, I remind myself that she really is a good kid. As a matter of fact, her teachers and other volunteers at school often send me emails and Facebook messages about how awesome she is.

That kind of thing will make a mama feel good, right? Especially after having the door slammed in your face over dried up markers.

This morning, I get another message from a friend about ArtistChild. This time she’s not a sweetheart. She isn’t a ‘super duper helper.’ No, this time she yelled at someone for not recycling their paper.


It’s a good thing this particular person has a good sense of humor and was laughing, because I about fell out of my chair thinking of her big blue eyes under wrinkled, angry eyebrows, spouting off about the environment.

Thing is, I’m not intentionally raising an enviro-freak. I don’t think we’ve ever really even talked about recycling.  We talk all the time about water scarcity in third world countries, whole foods and GMO’s, and things on that scale- she asks questions and I answer, but I don’t generally start these conversations with her. I’m not even sure why, really. I guess because we’re too busy arguing over whether or not her favorite pants are too short or why she can’t wear high-heels to P.E.

You know what this means? This means that kids pay attention. They don’t just pick up our bad habits, but they pick up the good ones as well. That time she asked why her drawing paper had printing all over the back of it, and I told her that I didn’t need my print-outs from class anymore but didn’t want to waste it? Apparently, that stuck. When she asked why, and I told her that paper is made from trees and we shouldn’t cut down more trees than necessary? That stuck, too. Stuck enough that she, much to both my amusement as well as my dismay, yells at other people for not doing the same.

So, the next time you have a stack of newspapers you need to get rid of or are cleaning out the fridge, keep in mind that the little ones are watching, even if it seems like they’re engrossed in High School Musical or drawing their own feet for the hundredth time. I know I’m going to pay more attention.

In the meantime, I think I need to have a little conversation about how to not freak out on people.


  1. Yeah… can’t say I’m surprised by this. That kid is more and more like you every day. And that’s not a bad thing. :)

  2. Not wearing high heels to PE….oh, the conversations I’ll have to have in a few years!
    Jaime recently posted…My Lil Market Nursing Necklace ReviewMy Profile

  3. Awesome story! I would be so proud of her. :)
    Jessie {My Mod Style} recently posted…32 Things Before 32 List // #24 Biking in OhioMy Profile

  4. Oh goodness. A little girl after my own heart! For reals. When I was a kid I wouldn’t let my mom use my crayons or markers because she pressed too hard and ruined them, every time. Hahaha.

    I love that she is thinking of the environment. That is just super impressive!! Good for her. But yes, good to not freak out on people! Haha.
    Adrienne recently posted…TRAVEL: SURPRISE GEOCACHING ADVENTUREMy Profile

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