Little Letters #19

Helloooooo, Vagabonders! It’s been a minute, eh? I was out of town last week/weekend doing awesome things that I can’t share with you just yet – stick around for a few weeks and you’ll hear all about it! I hope you enjoyed the guest posts we had last Wed-Thursday for our Considering Compassion series, and I wanted to let you know that I’m ‘pausing’ the series for a bit. I have an incredible line-up for guest posts as well as a laundry list of ideas and themes I want to explore and, quite honestly, I don’t want to just throw them into posts in order to fill up the month. I want to give them the time and consideration they deserve. SO! Considering Compassion paused. If you would like to join in the fun, feel free to shoot me a message via the ‘Contact’ tab and we’ll get you scheduled!

Now, here’s our regularly scheduled Little Letters! Remember, this is  link-up via The Freckled Fox – you should link-up with us, too!

Oglethorpe Square, Savannah

Dear Brides, I am thoroughly enjoying working with each of you on your special day! I have weddings booked from now all the way through October, and you all have such different ideas and creativity that it’s making my job interesting, in a very good way. Designing your keepsake bouquets is an honor.
Dear Chris, Thank you for the ghost tour(s) this past weekend! Savannah is my home of heart, but I had never taken part in the touristy aspect of it. It was an incredible amount of fun, and I hope to be back (soon!) to do it again.
Dear Ninja, I have a whole post for you, later, but seriously….two?!?! How did this happen, already?
Dear Savannah, Soon, baby…soon.
Dear Glass Elevators, You still terrify me. The End.
Dear School, Three papers in five days? That’s 15 pages for which I do not have time. We need to sync our Google calendars or something.
Dear Universe, Every day, you hand me a little more awesomeness. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Dear Amelia, I’m counting down the days, Little Lady. You don’t know me, yet, but I’m already madly in love with you. I will love you endlessly, and teach you the delights of moccasins, finger paint, and frozen homemade yogurt pops. True story.


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