Manic Monday 3/4

Georgia, Mount Tabor, Creek

Are you singing yet? That’s right, it’s just another Manic Monday here around The Vagabond Studio! Don’t forget to check out today’s post for the Compassion Series: Compassion: One World. The Global Compassion map alone is worth checking out!

We are actually not so manic today – the university is on Spring Break, so I will be spending the day at home rather than rushing to get to classes on time and running to and from on campus. This weekend was another house full of adorable children, and we almost made it through the entire 2.5 days without any kind of horrible event…then late this afternoon Ninja decided that Artist Child would make an awesome playground and she was not in the mood. Have you ever been so angry or frustrated that you couldn’t help but to cry about it? That was her. Poor kiddo. Apparently, she ‘should have asked for a sister!’ – I broke the news to her that she was the same type of energetic, balls-to-the-wall toddler.

I worked a great deal in my 2013 Create Your Incredible Life Workbook, and am extremely proud of the heart and dreams I poured out this weekend.  That workbook is absolutely worth the investment. Seeing things on paper and being forced to answer questions I wouldn’t normally ask has helped me so much in regards to direction and clarity. I also worked a little more on the blog here, which has been a bit challenging since the swap to WordPress last week, so bare with me! I’m trying to get used to the new format of everything.

This week will be a whirlwind of busy-busy stuff. I have bouquets to finish for the fundraiser and flowers to cut/fold for a beautiful April bride. Thursday morning, we are heading out for four days in Savannah and I can.not.wait! It sometimes seems like my world revolves around the next time I can sit under Spanish moss or feel cobblestone under my moccasins.

What are you doing this week? I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!