Incredibly Cute Recycled Cardboard Photos!



I had these adorable prints made months ago and completely forgot to post about them because they just blended right in on my entertainment center and made themselves at home! I wanted to find something unique and interesting to do with these photos but, at the same time, wanted to keep it as eco-friendly as possible. Static Pixels made that possible. I’m in love with this company, and they’re even Instagram friendly!



Static Pixels prints directly on the recycled, corrugated cardboard and uses entirely eco-friendly materials. They come in several super cute sizes, and their website has an interactive upload program that allows you to crop the photos and see what the final product will look like. They come with the mounts that go on the back in order to prop them up/hang them (I prop mine up), and are even fade resistant.  They’re incredibly light weight, so no scary crashing sounds when your toddler shakes the entertainment center and knocks things over. An even bigger bonus? No glass and, therefore, no need to Windex (or, homemade glass-clean)!


I have every intention of decorating the house with these over the next few months. I love that they’ll stick around for awhile, I don’t have to clean them, and they’re eco-friendly. They’re also just unique enough to catch people’s attention while not being distracting.  They were perfect for this set of photos, and will be great for portraits I’m doing of the kiddos in a few weeks!

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How would you decorate using Static Pixels?

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