Little Letters #23


Welcome to this week’s Little Letters Link-Up! You can join in on the fun with The Freckled Fox at the bottom of this post – share your Little Letters, too!

Dear Nivea Cherry-Tinted Lip Balm, ‘Tinted’ my tush. You are red. You are red, and my daughter loves you.

Dear ‘Clueless’, You sporadically showed up on my television screen and introduced my daughter to the ridiculousness that was my childhood. I don’t know whether to thank you for that nostalgic bonding moment or hate you for submitting me to my daughter’s ‘what is this!?’ torture.

Dear Wedding Season, Thank you for the abundance of beautiful, amazing brides. I thoroughly enjoy making eco-friendly bouquets and wedding decor, and wedding season makes me a happy camper.

Dear Ninja, When did you start talking so much? And with such sass?!

Dear Baby Shower, Holy jeez, you’re coming along quickly! Lots of projects, so little time!

Dear Popsicle Sticks, Thank you for being so simple and yet making my children so happy.

Dear Minnesota, Thank you for joining the fight. <3 Personal beliefs aside, it’s incredibly cool to watch such a revolutionary movement take place during my lifetime. I believe that, in 50 years, this will be looked upon similarly to the rights movements in the 60′s.

Dear Summer, Thank you for finally finding me. I promise to enjoy you to the fullest.

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