Meet My New Best Friend – The Sckoon Cup!

Sckoon cup

Alright ladies, we’re about to get personal. If you don’t like talking or reading about girl parts, I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and will see you tomorrow for Manic Monday! (Yes, that means you won’t want to read this).

So…I cloth diaper (though, I did take a break and regret the heck out of it), and mostly use cloth wipes for the mama and kiddies in this house. I do not use paper towels. I’m not sure why, but the thought of using cloth feminine products never crossed my mind. Right about the time I was having that oh-so-awesome ‘tampons seriously irritate me’ conversation with a friend of mine, I was thrown into the world of eco-friendly feminine hygiene. I never got around to getting cloth pads, but I have had the chance to experience three cups and the Sckoon Cup is by far my favorite!

The first cup I tried was the first one I had ever heard about. I ordered a size 2 because the instructions said to order that size if you’ve had a child. I’ve had two, so that makes me doubly eligible for size 2, right? Not so much. That thing didn’t even come close to fitting. And, you know what? A size 1 didn’t fit, either.

Apparently, when my doctor said he wasn’t sure I’d be able to deliver vaginally, he had good reason. Now, I know.

The second cup I tried was amazing, and I still use it. It had a better fit, popped right open, and was even really cute.

So, what’s special about the Sckoon Cup? It’s soft, ladies. This thing is so comfortable, I forget I’m even on my period. The first few times I tried it, I couldn’t get it to pop open for me. That was a tad frustrating, as I didn’t have that problem with my then go-to cup. However, once I messed around with it and tried a few times, it now pops open with ease and the extra deluxe comfort sent it to the top of my favorites.

I highly, highly suggest the Sckoon Cup to anyone who is interesting in checking out the world of eco-friendly periods. And, even if you’re not into eco-friendliness, this baby is mucho better than sticking overly-drying, absorbent mini-rockets into your girl parts. No more irritation!

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  • Mandy

    Interesting! I have never heard of this one. I’ve tried the Diva Cup and have had some issues with comfort and getting it in there just right, but I hear it’s good to try a couple different cups because they’re all a bit different. Maybe I’ll give this one a shot. So much better than gross bleached cotton.

    • Shai

      I’ve tried the Diva, the Lunette, and now the Sckoon. The Diva was my least favorite. The Lunette was my favorite until I got the Sckooon – now, this one stays in it’s little carry bag in my purse. It’s absolutely my go-to!

  • Kylie

    I’ve never heard of this brand either! I haven’t gotten around to trying a cup yet (Haven’t *really* had my period in almost 2 years what with all the babies and nursing..) but I like the idea.

  • Nicole @ Some Call It Natural

    I’m going to have to try this one. Right now, I use the soft cup. It’s still a disposable, so not a friend to the environment, but 10 times better than multiple tampons a day! You only use one per period. It is def better for YOU than a tampon, though, and that is most important to me. All that being said, once in, it’s fine, but SOMETIMES it hurts when I’m taking it in and out. I need to try the skoon to see if it would be more comfortable.