Little Letters: Dear Mini-Me, Age 9


Every week, on Wednesday, I write a series of ‘Little Letters’ to things and people that have, negatively, positively, and often humorously found their way into my week. Last year, though, I wrote a letter to ArtistChild/Mini-Me for her birthday. This year, I thought I’d do the same thing. After all, she just reached her very last single-digit birthday. That’s a biggie. At least, my mommy heart says is is. We all know sincere mommy hearts trump everything.


Dear ArtistChild,

I really feel like ‘ArtistChild’ doesn’t fit you as much anymore. I love Mini-Me and everyone has called you that for years but, again, I feel you’ve sort of outgrown that. While you are very, very much a little version of me, you are so much your own person. So know that, while I may call you Mini-Me (and your little brother ‘Micro-Me’) – at this point in your life I speak mostly to genetics. You are, very much, a miniature part of my biology. And, your brother is a micro part of my biology. This is something of which I am very, very proud…seeing two amazing little beings and realizing they were created from my DNA and grown from my body. Kind of crazy, really, how something so amazing came from  me.

Over the last year, you have grown from my giggly little girl to a giggly preteen that tells hilarious jokes and is really concerned about other people’s opinions. You won’t wear a hat with a pompom on it because you’re afraid of being made fun of. You know what? I hated those hats for the same reason. We’ll make you a hat you like, and pompom our animal head. K?

You are quickly entering that awkward stage where your friends opinions will matter, and I will no longer be cool. We can share shoes and shirts already and I keep finding my favorite shirt in your drawer. Our late night talks in bed now include
questions of permanence and other relatively heavy topics.

You’re growing. I’m not ready, but you’re growing into a beautiful young lady. You wear your heart on your sleeve and constantly worry about the happiness and well being of everyone around you. You are compassionate. You are (sometimes brutally) sincere and honest. You are amazing, and I am proud to call you mine. ♥

Happy Belated Birthday, kiddo… Here’s to another year of growing into the incredible little creature I know you are destined to be.

Love you to the stars

  • Meegs

    Aw, beautiful.