13 Ways to Turn a Bad Day Around!

Amazing Day


Today, I woke up in a really, really bad mood. Something about being awoken by two kids screaming, at each other but in your face, after only three hours of sleep just makes for a cranky lady. Just…cranky.

Then I walked outside to take the kids to school, and realized it’s not only 69 degrees (perfect!), but raining. I love rain! I could live in this weather. I was still cranky, but I turned up the music and forced myself into a good mood.

And I realized, I really should do that more often. Why be cranky when I can dance party or puddle hop my way to a smile?

So here’s a list of ways to turn a bad day into a good one:

1. Turn up the music and dance! There are YouTube and Spotify playlists perfect for this. I love this, this, and of course this!

2. Put on some rain boots (or, regular shoes ((or, just go barefoot!))) and splash around in some puddles. No kids needed, but they do make it extra fun.

3. Bake some cupcakes, or muffins. Sweet treats make any day better, and making them yourself will keep your mind off of the icky stuff for a few.

4. Take a long shower or bubble bath. Lock the doors and turn up some relaxing, happy music.

5. Grab a canvas, some cheap acrylics, and finger paint. Even if you hate the painting, the act of finger painting is quite soothing and a bit nostalgic.

6. Sit down with a cup of tea and the latest edition of Wild Sister Magazine!

7. Garden! If you’re like me and live in an apartment, just stick some dirt and seeds in a couple of pots. Something about getting your hands dirty and the smell of fresh potting soil (and, also if you’re like me, the possibility of maybe growing something) can help you forget about the grumpies.

8. Yoga! My favorite yoga program, My Yoga Online, has hundreds of yoga videos and some of my favorites are the rejuvinating, ‘wake-the-eff-up!’ kind of videos.

9. Print off some color-by-number, coloring book pages, or word puzzles, and do them yourself (that’s right – don’t pass them on to the kids!).

10. Pick up that ol’ favorite book and start over. My go-to ‘Ta hell with the world’ books are Fahrenheit 451 and Angela’s Ashes. Otherwise, I don’t often read fiction. For a ‘I need a happy, positive chapter!’ book, I often turn to SARK, or a Wild Sister mag.

11. If you haven’t tried this little tidbit, you should: Get dressed! Just fixing my hair and getting dressed (down to the shoes!) in the morning will put a little more pep in your step. Try it.

12. Make yourself some kind of smoothie or shake! C’mon, you know chocolate shakes make you a happy camper, too. If not, try a root beer float (those babies fix everything, for me).

13. Put on a big smile. That whole fake it ’till you make it thing? It works. And while, over the last year, I’ve learned to really lean into my own emotions, read my own body, and listen to my heart – even when it’s sad or contemplative – some days I really just need to put on a smile and happify my way through things for the sake of my own sanity.


What do you do to turn a bad day around?


  1. Oh I love this! SO true. :)

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