Little Letters #43


It’s been an eventful week, for sure. Mini-Me decided to chop off her hair…into a pixie cut. Talk about bravery! Everyone so far (well, almost everyone) has absolutely loved it and people were stopping her in the halls on campus to tell her how cute she is. I’m currently training for a 5K (don’t laugh – I haven’t ran regularly since high school and am totally doing this for a fun outing with great people), and Mini-Me has decided to join me in the training. I told her if she can make it to 3.1 miles, I’ll sign us up for the next super fun run. So far she’s up to 1.5, and it’s been less than a week! I’ve also been bombarded with orders, and class assignments (blugh), and work stuff, on top of Micro-Me deciding that 5:45 is wake-up time and homemade breakfasts rock. AND, I received some bad (personal) news that has had me all emotional today.

Like I said, it’s been a week.

At any rate, here’s this week’s Little Letters!

Dear Mini-Me, Thank you for being a sweet girl this week. I’m going to cross my fingers that the sassy pre-teen in you has taken a break for awhile.

Dear Micro-Me, I’m beginning to love our mommy/little man breakfasts every morning. I still think 6am is too early to make waffles, but when I see your overly cheesy smile sitting on the other side of the counter from me, it makes my mornings so much better.

Dear Coffee, I sort of worship you at this point, I think.

Dear S, L, & K, Our non-stop message chatter cracks me up. It sometimes feels like I have three devils/angels (depending upon the day) on each shoulder, keeping me entertained and giving me their opinions ‘all the day!’. <3

Dear Sleep, While I’ve been getting more of you here lately (regularly) than I have in years, you still allude me quite a bit. We have to work on this bedtime thing.

Dear Guest Posters, There are more than a few of you coming up, and I just want to send out a huge thanks for being a part of The Vagabond Studio! Being able to work with so many amazing people is what keeps me blogging in the first place.

Dear Weather, THANK YOU for being perfect this week. Icepocalypse 1 & 2 can go ta hell. Atlanta is supposed to be hot and muggy.

Dear Stephanie, I miss you.

Caro Tu, mi manca il tuo viso.




  • Autumne Horan

    Awesome giveaway and gorgeous website! I’m so proud of you Shai and all the hard work you are doing. Remarkable girl, remarkable friend! Cheers!