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As many of my regular readers here know, the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation has been a central part of my life over the past year. First, I was trying to raise money to attend their Peace Leadership Training so that I could meet and learn from my hero, Paul K. Chappell. In doing that, I gained confidence and skills that I never imagined I could acquire – I faced my fear of public speaking, gained all sorts of belief in myself and my abilities, and learned to take control of my life and dreams. The trip to California for training was life-changing, not only because of the training itself but on a deep, personal level as well. I even walked away from that experience with very close friends, who are very much a part of my regular life. The very core of who I am as a human being has been altered in many beautiful, positive ways over the last year, because of these wonderful people and what they do.

Monday, we launched a Nukes are Nuts campaign to raise $20,000 towards nuclear abolition. If you’re a part of the 73% of Americans who want a world without nukes, go check out the Indiegogo campaign, donate, and share on all of your social media. If you’re not really much of an activist or are indifferent about nukes (which means we should have a heart-to-heart, but I’ll save that for later), then please go do this for me. So many of my readers tell me on a regular basis how much I inspire them, motivate them, or they want to follow in my footsteps. Ladies and gentlemen, these people and this organization are the reason I’ve done everything I’ve done over the last year – if I inspire you, so do they…you just might not have realized it.

So go check it out, and give a hand to my cause-of-heart!


  1. shai – you are more awesome than anyone has a right to be!

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