8 Steps to Make Any Dream Happen

Today, we have the oh-so-inspiring Andrea Belarruti from Oh Happy Life! here to guest post. I met Andrea, like many of my other friends and guest posters, through the Wild Sisterhood - she easy makes the top five reasons I’m thrilled I joined! Now, lets see what she has to say about making dreams happen (and, if I were you, I’d take her advice!):



I saw the Academy Awards last Sunday. Being a Mexican I gotta say I felt pretty proud of Alfonso Cuarón, Emmanuel Lubezki and Gravity. When I saw Cuarón standing there, holding that Oscar for best director all nervous and excited I thought: “Now, here’s a guy who dreamt big and made it happen.” I felt inspired and it made me think a lot about what it really takes to make your dreams come true. I thought about it for a while, and thought about my own journey towards achieving my goals. I came up with a list of steps to make any dream happen.


Step 1:  Dare to dream wild

Allow yourself to dream the craziest, most unbelievable things. Give yourself permission to dream whatever you want, even if it seems impossible. Stop the guilt, the shame, and that little voice that tells you; “you’re crazy, that’s too much”. Don’t play small, don’t settle in for less. Own your desire. Dream big, everything starts with a dream.


Step 2: Have an action plan

It’s really important to get into that masculine energy of having a blueprint and an action plan.Take time to brainstorm little actionable steps that can get you closer to your dream. Take at least one of those steps everyday. Ask yourself; what can I do today to move closer to that dream? Try to make your steps as simple and doable as you can. Chuck things down. Your plan might change a thousand times as you move on and that’s ok, just keep improving it.


Step 3: Be grateful and trust

Be grateful for what you already have and cultivate the feelings of fulfillment and abundance. Believe like never before. Ask the Universe to support you. Devote yourself to your vision and surrender it to the Divine. Trust that your Higher Self will guide you and tune into your intuition and that feminine energy of magnetizing, trusting, manifesting and receiving.


Step 4: Go beyond your limitations

The part that excited me the most about Cuarón’s speech is when he started speaking in Spanish to his mother. Being a person who’s blogging and building a business in a foreign language I felt a lot of empathy in that moment. When I had the vision for my business I could’ve stopped myself because of the language. Recently I started vlogging and it’s been quite a challenge for me because I was literally terrified about my accent and pronunciation being awkward (I don’t think they’re really thaaat terrible). Of course, the more I worried about that the more mistakes I made. I developed a “fuck it” attitude. Now, when I’m watching a video after shooting I say: “Fuck it! That sounded really weird but I’m doing this anyway”. And then: Upload Video. Publish. Share.

Do the work with the resources you have available, do it despite any limitation.


Step 5: Show up

90% of success is showing up. Cultivate your perseverance as much as you can. Do not quit, especially when you feel like it. If you really want this you have to be incredibly patient and resilient. Keep showing up no matter what, do it again and again and again.


Step 6: Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do it

When you dare to dream big it’s natural to find resistance. Some people will think you’re crazy, some people won’t even understand what you’re talking about. Don’t believe anyone that tells you you can’t do it. The funniest thing will be that when you get there they’ll be the first to say: “I always knew you’d make it.” Don’t let them bring you down but don’t waste your time confronting them either. Don’t go around trying to convince everyone that you’re dream is doable. It’s not their job to believe in you, that’s yours. React with compassion, maybe they’re just trying to protect you. Recognize the fear that lies behind their words. As the Course in Miracles says; “Fear is just a call to love”. When someone tells you you’re crazy, bless them but don’t listen.


Step 7: Remember who you are

In Kundalin Yoga we use the mantra Sat Nam a lot. It means: “Truth identified” or “Truth is my identity”. It’s a reminder of who we truly are; divine beings living a human experience. There is no real separation between you and God, the Source, or however you want to call it. Any spiritual path says basically the same thing; God dwells within you. Remember those words. Remember your incredible capacity to co create your own reality. Limitless power lies within you, but don’t forget it doesn’t belong to you. It’s not from you but it’s in you. Knowing that gives you an incredible amount of faith and empowerment, and you’ll need those two if you want to make shit happen.



Let’s believe in the unbelievable and then, let’s make it a reality.


“Faith is not blind, it’s visionary” – Marianne Williamson

Andrea Belarruti

Andrea Belarruti is a  mexican daydreamer, a kundalini yoga teacher and an expert in crazy, deep transformation. She dreams of a world where women are astoundingly joyful and incredibly free, and helps them achieve those amazing dreams via her inspirational blog over at Oh Happy Life!, as well as her one-on-one routine coaching.

  • http://lisarobbinyoung.com Lisa Robbin Young

    As a dream owner myself, one of the things that’s helped me is to remember that scale is relative. Everyone has a “big” dream. Even if my dream seems small to you, it’s big to me. When we drop the judgment about the size of our dream and jsut go for it, a lot of other things become easier. :-)

    • http://www.ohhappylife.com Andrea Belarruti

      I agree Lisa! It’s all a matter of perspective and the one that matters the most is your own. You decide what dreaming big means to you and where you wanna go. Love!

  • http://www.oreeko.com Susie

    What a perfect way to start the week! I love all your points, esp. “Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do it”!! Everything is possible!! Thank you for this great invigorating article! :)

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  • http://www.strawberrymommycakes.com Erin @ Strawberry Mommycakes

    My favorite is “Show Up”…so simple, but it’s something that I have a hard time with. Hard to be awesome when you’re not present :) Thanks for this!