You Want to Jump Off of a Perfectly Good Building?!

Ocean Scene, One Week to Live Quote

Last semester, I took several Eastern Philosophy courses and found myself being bombarded with the reality that we have just one life to live. ONE, people! I’ve made a lot of life changes since then. I stopped being scared of going for my dreams and just threw myself into them head first. I stopped hanging around negative people, or people who drained me, and surrounded myself with awesome folks.

My life is a lot like this:

But, here lately, I’ve been rocking my business SO much that I haven’t had time to do much else but spend a little time with the kids before bedtime. Sure, I take every other weekend to mostly relax, but what am I doing to enjoy my life? If I had one week to live, would I spend it doing this? 

Hells no!

If I had one week to live, I would go BASE jumping – or, as my step-dad says, ‘You want to jump off a perfectly good building?!’. Yes. Yes, I do. I would go see a concert. I would dress up like a superhero and parade down the streets of Atlanta.  I would dance in the streets, play in park fountains with my kids, take trips to Maine and California to see my amazing soul sisters, and take awesome weekend-date road drips. THAT is the life I want.

I love my job. LOVE it – I’ve worked my tush off to build it to what it is and will keep doing so. But, stop and ask ‘Why am I doing all of this?’. Are you working to work? Because, if you are, you might as well get a desk job.

Take the time to enjoy life and do really amazing things – whatever your definition of ‘amazing’ – even if you love your job. 

Today, I’m taking the kids to jump in a gym full of trampolines with trampoline walls. Next weekend, I’m doing The Color Run. A few weeks after that is the Renaissance Festival, and a bunch of local festivals in the following weeks. Journey is in May, KISS and Def Leppard are coming for my birthday, and then Dragon*Con and Alchemy (like, the burn) kick off the Fall. I am going to enjoy the hell out of all of these things! 

I am going to stop and go to dinner with friends, invite folks over for drinks and board games, act like a fool when I get the chance, and spend what little time I have on this planet enjoying being on this planet, not just working my dream job. 

So, if you knew you had one week to live, how would you spend it? Join the discussion on my Facebook page!