Little Letters #45


Little letters is a (sometimes) Weekly Feature where you get to see inside my life a little bit, as I write mini-notes to various things and people I have on my mind, for one reason or another. Sometimes, I even curse inanimate objects.

Dear Leah, He’s finally heeeeere! And, absolutely adorable. It’s been incredible, and often hilarious, watching this journey all up close and personal. I can’t wait to hear his hilarious stories.

Dear Customers, I love each and every one of you. I really, really do. But, for the love of God, don’t order something on Monday and expect it by Friday. My processing time alone is listed at 3-5 days! :P

Dear BSchool, You’re a world-changer, baby.

Dear Micro-Me, You’re officially using logic, manipulation, and having full conversations. Quit blowing my mind, kid…I may need it when your teen years hit.

Dear Peppermint Tea and Honey, Thank youuuuuu! Living in Georgia, I thought for sure I’d die of allergies this Spring. You have saved me from several allergy headaches already, and you rock.

Dear Spring, Either come, or go. This in-between, 78 degrees one day and 32 degrees the next thing has got to go.

Dear Lunar Eclipse, You ARE NOT my friend!!!

Dear New Project, I knew the last year was leading up to something awesome. I never, ever expected it to be you. <3

Caro te, Tu sei stato esattamente il supporto che mi serve. Grazie.