Manic Monday: Listen to Your Body

Manic Monday 421

This weekend was an interesting weekend because, for the first time in months, I wasn’t racing out the door for my bi-weekly trip to the east side of Atlanta, ready for my ‘break’ from the world. Friday morning, I was excited, but my afternoon completely drained me of all energy, willpower, and positivity. 

I really wanted to go. I knew I wanted to go. But, I didn’t want to make the trip, despite it only been an hour and a half away.

Lesson number 1 of the weekend: When you make the decision to avoid someone or something, remember that there was a reason. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself on the receiving end of an unexpected migraine, high anxiety, and a sudden need for an afternoon nap. Or, in my case, sitting on the sofa, an hour after you should have left, nursing a headache and staring at an empty suitcase while you sip on hot tea.

As long as I make it to east Atlanta before bedtime, life is grand, I just prefer to make it there way earlier. The earlier the better. I was there sometime between 8:3o and 9, ate dinner, hung out, and went to bed. I woke up Saturday morning with the extreme desire to just lay in bed and read all day. Instead, I went to the Renaissance Festival. Even there, I found myself sitting just to sit. LOVED going and had a blast, but I kept feeling an urge to spend time within myself. Or, much less outside of myself. I took a hot bubble bath that night – one of those baths that are so hot I couldn’t get in for awhile. And, I just sat there, with my legs over the edge of the tub, relaxing. Sunday morning, I woke up and wanted to stay in bed with coffee and a book all day. Instead, I made my way to a comic book store, then a Barnes and Noble. By 3:30pm, I was laying on a couch, staring at a ceiling, with the realization that one of the most challenging weeks I’ve ever faced would be upon me in less than 24 hours, and I hadn’t listened to my body at all. 

Well, maybe in pieces. But now I’m facing the week and thinking ‘Can I just sleep through it all? See how things turn out when I wake up on Friday?’

No. No, I can’t. So, I will buck up, put on my big girl panties, and rock the socks off of this week while taking as many mini-sabbaticals to my front porch or bubble bath as I can.

Lesson #2 of the weekend: Listen to your body. It knows what it needs.