Sunday Shares: Bliss, Existence, Clients, and PopUps.

We Rise By Lifting Others

I’m a firm believer that we only become better people – as friends, artists, business people, and all-around individuals – when we lift those around us rather than simply trying to lift ourselves. The goal of The Vagabond Studio is to inspire and educate, and I’m the first person to admit that I don’t have all of the knowledge and resources in the world. Even the things I do know, other people have said better. I’m just Shai – I share what I know and, starting today, I will share all the awesome stuff I find every Sunday.

So, here’s our first ‘Sunday Shares’!

Bliss Break! How 5 Minutes Can Transform Your Day via Wild Sister

Why Saying No is the Ultimate Form of Self-Care <– read this!!

‘You were known. You were seen. You were here.’   Beautiful writing from Hannah Brencher. Made me cry.

Ash Ambridge from The Middle Finger Project shares what customers really want in her ‘Just the Tip’ feature. <– LOVE this!

More from Ash: 75 (Curious) Steps of Writing a Blog Post <– this one made me LOL…cause it’s so true.

LKRSocialMedia’s 4 Step Process to Sell on Social Media

Nathalie Lussier has released a really cool, free pop-up Plug-In called PopUpAlly

Here’s an awesome ‘Better Bio Challenge’ for your 75-word-byline from Melissa Cassera!

And, there you have it! I’ll have even more for you next week on Sunday Shares! Let me know in the comments what kind of articles and posts you love to read and I’ll start bookmarking them in the hundreds of posts I read every week. <3

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