Vagabond Quoteables: Rise and Rise Again

Rise...and rise again

New feature alert! I am tentatively calling this ‘Vagabond Quoteables’, until we come up with a better name over on my fan page. Every Thursday, I will post a new awesome quote from one of my customer orders, and then relate it to life or business in some manner. My custom orders always make my wheels turn, and now they can turn with you as we discuss!

Feel free to leave your reflection or response to the quote in the comments!

I didn’t know much about the phoenix until Harry Potter came around, to be honest. I did, however, immediately fall in love with Dumbledore’s story of how the phoenix rises from it’s own ashes and begins again. Oh, how relevant is that to my own life – and I bet it does to yours, too!

How often have you had to start over?

How many times have you tried something and ‘failed’ (I don’t actually believe in failure, thus the quotes), and had to begin again?

Have you ever had to pick yourself up, wipe off the dirt, and keep going?

Lawd knows I have – many, many, many times. But, when it comes to my personal life, love life, business life, and even my academic career, I try to continue to ‘rise…and rise again’. Because when you stop doing so, even if you’re still physically living, you really do cease to exist.

What do you think? 

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  • Ishtar SoulFire

    Ah, Shai, failure. . . I’ve failed so many times! I dropped out of college 3? 4? times before finally getting my degree (at age 40). Divorced twice before age 25, another fiance lost before 30. Went to grad school for a teaching cert and on the finish line decided that wasn’t for me. Right now, I’m still making less money than I did in 2001. We were essentially homeless for a few months at one point. Still kickin’ – with my daughter now in college.