About The Vagabond Studio

Here To Rock Your World


Running your own online venture, whether it be an Etsy shop, blog, or organization, isn't easy. I know, because I've been there.


As a matter of fact, I'm still there. 


I've always hated marketing, but I realized several years ago that it's a necessity to success. And, if I want to spend more time doing what I love and focusing on the actual creation part of my business, I need to figure out the rest of the mucky stuff. You know what? You can figure out the rest of the mucky stuff, too - and I can help you!


Here, on The Vagabond Studio, you will find:
  • Tips and Tricks for marketing your Etsy, Blog, Small Business or Organization
  • Worksheets for making your venture a success
  • True-to-Life inspiration
  • Unconditional understanding that this stuff sometimes sucks, and all you really want to do is create, or spend time with your family
  • Helpful ideas, lists, and tutorials to make that happen!


I started my first Etsy shop in 2007, and my first blog shortly after. It wasn't until I started The Vagabond Studio, as an eco-friendly lifestyle blog in 2011,  that I really got the hang of this online-business thing. The Vagabond Studio's success skyrocketed and landed me on the #7 Eco-Friendly Mom Blog list by summer of 2012 (#5 in 2013!), and the Etsy shop now has multiple sales on a daily basis. Since Spring of 2013, I have been doing public speaking on social media marketing in relation to blogging and small business and, as of summer 2013, I started taking on freelance social media management jobs for some of my dream organizations and small businesses.


Social media, building Etsy shops, branding, networking, and marketing? They're sort of my thing.


Sound good? Want in?