About Shai Ford


Shai Ford

Hallo, there! My name is Shai and, like you, I have a slew of dreams and goals I want to achieve before this little lifetime of mine is over.

My job here is to help you. In the past several years, I have opened and successfully ran both an Etsy shop and a blog. At one point, I did this with a husband and grand total of four kids, while in full-time classes. True story. Now that it's just little ol' me and my two monsters, I'm running this ship on my own, while in school, and while managing social media contracts with some pretty awesome organizations and businesses. I'm a busy girl, and if I can do it, you can certainly do it. 

In the past year, I:

  • started selling a brand new product and reached full-time sales within two months
  • Hit the top 5 Eco-Friendly mom blogger list (though, I'm no longer an eco-friendly blogger)
  • been accepted to two awesome programs to train with hella-awesome peace leaders
  • met, trained with, and even became friends with my 'hero'
  • started speaking at colleges and conferences on social media marketing
  • landed contracts with my favorite organization as a social media marketing manager, followed by a similar contract with one of my absolute favorite political activists.
  • was  featured in four different magazines - two for 'inspirational leadership' and two for my products
  • was featured on MySocialMediaMentors
  • visited two different parts of the country on awesome vacations, and vacationed a total of five times. FIVE! How awesome is that?
  • Have maintained a 63+ Klout score (currently 68!), and a large readership of over 40,000 regular readers

Am I telling you this to brag? Nope. I'm telling you this because I'm writing this sitting on my couch, in my jammies, watching my daughter play video games on her computer. I'm telling you this because I have a senior project due in a week, and just finished eating an awesome peanut butter and jelly sammich with homemade jelly. I'm telling you this because, last night, I stamped out bracelets while cursing the latest Grey's Anatomy.

I'm telling you this because I'm a lot like you. I'm just a 28-year-old mom and full-time student. I want to travel, spend time with my family, and enjoy life with everything I have in me. I love pandas, all things coconut, homemade candles, and Indian food. I may, or may not, love comic books and have a total crush on Kevin Smith. I'm a person, with quirks and goals and dreams, and I've figured out how to make mine come true. Together, we can conquer yours. 

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