Ancestry DNA Testing

This time last year, VagabondHusband and I spent and entire weekend, without sleep, ‘discovering’ our family tree through one of those ancestry websites. It was fun, though challenging! We found out a few things we didn’t know, and connected to a lot of people we didn’t expect. The problem with those websites, though, is that much of it is dependent upon information gathered from other people. At one point, VagabondHusband’s tree linked to Adam and Eve. And Noah. Yes, seriously. We talked then, and recently, about finding something more accurate to discover our roots, and maybe end the constant teasing/bickering over whether we’re Scottish, Irish, or English. ♥ Then, I learned about this, and decided that a guestpost for my readers was in order!

Ancestry DNA testing for Ancient Origins

For those wishing to discover more about the ancestral roots, ancestry DNA testing is one of the most
interesting ways to find out. Moreover, ancestry DNA testing makes it even possible for you to trace
your maternal roots or paternal roots thereby accumulating more comprehensive information in your
quest to discover your origins.

Your ancient origins are etched in your DNA

Ancestry DNA testing can help you find out more about your origins. If you wonder whether your roots
are actually African American or eastern European, then this test is definitely the way of finding out.
Ancestry tests typically link your DNA with specific geographical regions or areas around the world.
This means that you will easily visualize where your ancestors came from. Further to this, ancestry
tests can also track migration patterns and thus, show you where your ancestors came from and where
they went. The better providers of ancestry testing services have access to a vast database of genetic
information belonging to different ancestral groups. They will take your DNA and link it to that of the
ancestral groups in their database to see if there really is a match between your DNA and that of eastern
European, indo American or any other of the many groups known. Ancestry tests provide detailed
results with descriptions of the anthropological roots from which you originate maps and images. They
also make very popular presents.

Maternal Ancestry testing

Anthropologists believe that there is a single maternal lineage from which all females originate from.
They refer to this single maternal lineage as a “mitochondrial eve”. The word mitochondrial refers to
a specific type of DNA known as mitochondrial DNA that is passed on from a mother to both her male
and female children, but is never passed on by males. Mitochondrial DNA has a very low mutation rate,
which means that the same mitochondrial blueprint can be traced back hundreds of years. Via analysis
of this specific DNA, scientists can determine where your maternal ancestors came from, helping you
trace your maternal roots and link yourself to specific geographical regions.

Male lineage or paternal lineage testing

Paternal lineage testing can help you locate your ancient forefather: where did they come from? Who
where they? Our paternity origins are etched in your DNA- specifically in the Y chromosome. But wait
a second- whilst males have 23 pairs of XY chromosomes, females on have 23 pairs of XX. Given the
absence of the Y chromosome in females, it is clear that they cannot directly trace their paternal origins.
However, they can simply ask a blood male relative to do the test on their behalf (perhaps a brother
or an uncle). Paternity lineage testing, in much the same way as maternal lineage will link you DNA to
specific studied paternal groups and geographical regions.