It’s a Happy Handmade Birthday Giveaway!!!

Welcome to the Happy Handmade Birthday Giveaway Event sponsored by Homespun Aesthetic, The Vagabond Studio, Eight Days a Week, and Crunchy Farm Baby! In celebration of the lovely Kassandra from Homespun Aesthetic, we have brought together some wonderful artisans to bring you a super fun giveaway event featuring all things handmade and beautiful! This event will run from February 21 to March 2, 2014, and is featured here on Crunchy Farm Baby and several other awesome blogs!

Up for grabs in this awesome giveaway event are the following items:

This set of redline marble earrings from Homespun Aesthetic.
Redline Marble Stone Teardrop Earrings
Custom bracelet from The Vagabond Studio.
Hand-Stamped Personalized Bracelet
Personalized library tote from Crunchy Farm Baby.
Personalized Child's Library Tote Bag - With Library Card HolderCustom Beach writing digital print from Sandyscripts.

Women’s earwarmer and men’s striped beanie from Two Brothers Blankets.
Ear Warmer with Buttons
Natural skin care gift set from The Hippy Homemaker.
Natural Skin Care Gift Set- Cleansing Grains, Toner, Moisturizing Serum, & Herbal Clay Mask - Eco Friendly packaging
Slouchy women’s beanie and kids warmies (baby legs) from Earth Mother Moon Baby
AND a of a kind embroidered cloth diaper from Binky D Diapers.
handmade giveaway binkyd

Enter using the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

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Treeson Springwater Kickstarter and Giveaway!!

Treeson Water Mail In

People who know me really well will probably think I’ve gone off the deep end on this one. ‘Oh no, Shai’s sold out – she’s advertising bottled water!! >gasp<’. Despite the fact that I buy soda in a bottle, I’m the first person to glare at my friends for buying bottled water over carrying a reusable water bottle. I have a metal one. It has a panda on it. My water bottle rocks.

This, though? This I can get behind.  Treeson Springwater is a new company that is launching a Kickstart to help fund this incredible idea. I don’t think bottled water is going away time soon and, if that’s the case, this is the way to go about doing it. Here’s a little info:

1. The water bottle is 100% biodegradable and compostable, even down to the adhesive used on the label.
2. The innovative bottle is designed like a leaf so it can be folded flat, shipped to a clean energy plant, and used as fuel to make more bottles.
3. It employs the US Post Office to help in recycling.
4. Packages are infused with tree seeds – rip it up, throw it in the ground, and trees will grow.
5. Bottled with Costa Rican spring water.

Did you catch that ‘employs the US Post Office’ part? That’s because the packaging includes a peel-away shipping label right on it. Just peel and toss in the mail box. How cool is that? And the bottles themselves are eco-friendly AND really cool looking:

Treeson Water Bottle

Even my eldest thinks this water bottle is kind of awesome, and LOVES the project idea itself. She loves having a reusable water bottle but, as of last week, has ruined her fifth in the last year by sticking the cap on the bottom of the dishwasher. That’s right…five ‘reusable’ water bottles in a year. And they’re NOT biodegradable. With the Treeson Springwater bottles, she feels a bit like this:


Treeson Springwater has been awesome enough to offer my readers a year supply (that’s 24 cases, people – $480 worth) of this awesome bottled water. Enter below!

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Happy Handmade Birthday Giveaway Sign-Ups!!

Welcome to the Happy Handmade Birthday Giveaway Event sponsored by Homespun Aesthetic, The Vagabond Studio, Eight Days a Week, and Crunchy Farm Baby!  We are very excited to be getting things ready to bring you a super fun giveaway event featuring all things handmade and beautiful!  This event will run from February 21 to March 2, 2014.

Currently we are looking both for sponsors for our giveaways, as well as bloggers to participate in the event.  For more information, see below:


If you are a small business that makes handmade items, we want to hear from you! Each one of the hosts of this event are WAHMs, so we love highlighting businesses like our own for our readers! We will have three events featuring gifts for men, gifts for women, and gifts for children, so there should be a perfect place for your items to be featured. Several options are available for reviews and giveaways, and your shop/items will be highlighted across many blogs and social media accounts, reaching a very large audience. For more information, please contact Kassandra at We already have some pretty amazing sponsors on board and are looking forward to including you!


We are searching for a select number of bloggers to feature the Happy Handmade Birthday Giveaway Event on their blogs. In exchange for your support, we are offering links on our giveaway form. This will not only bring your blog more traffic and attention, but will also provide your readers with a chance to see several fabulous WAHMs and small businesses and enter a pretty amazing giveaway package! All bloggers participating will be required to post and run the Happy Handmade Birthday Giveaway Event on their blog for the duration of the event. Social media promotion by you is appreciated (and obviously good for you as well), but not required.  

Options for bloggers in the Happy Handmade Birthday giveaway event are as follows:

One free link in giveaway form-

To obtain one free link, you must post an announcement post about the event on your blog. When you sign up, this will be emailed to you. You will have the option to change some of the wording for SEO purposes and to make it “your own.” Free link choice can be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.

Paid links in giveaway form-

Either in addition to your free link or on its own, you can purchase links in our giveaway form. The only thing we ask is that you promote however you see fit. You will also receive an announcement post via email, but will not be required to post it. Sharing via social media and/or the button on your sidebar are all ways we’d love for you to spread the excitement about our event!

- First paid link: $3 for your choice of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram

- Second paid link: $2 for your choice of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram

- Third paid link: $1 for your choice of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram

- Fourth paid link: FREE if you purchase three other links!

Please fill out the Google doc below if you are interested in joining us as a blogger. Someone from the host team will be in touch within 24 hours.



All payments received for paid links will go towards the purchase of an Etsy gift card for the blogger who has the most referrals for the event!! Value of the gift card will depend on number of signups, but will be a minimum of $25, so share, share, share!!

It’s an Empowerment/Affirmation Giveaway – $200 in Goodies!!

Power and Desire Affirmation

I have spent the past few weeks working on Leonie Dawson’s Create Your Amazing Year In Life and Business workbooks/planners – this is my second year finishing the workbook and my third year doing at least part of it. Let me tell you, that workbook is THE reason I achieved my goals over the past year. Why? Because that workbook was the reason I discovered and solidified my goals in the first place, and made a step-by-step plan to make them happen.

I also, through the workbook, adapted a ‘Word of the Year’, and my word for 2013 was ‘Fearless‘.

And, you know what? Having a ‘Fearless’ charm on a necklace that I wore almost every day was a tangible, constant reminder to attack and accomplish my goals one by one.

SO, I am introducing an Empowerment/Affirmation line of bracelets and necklaces to my Etsy shop, so you can have your inspiring words and phrases, too!


You can have anything added to your necklace or bracelet – reminders to be eco-friendly, words of affirmation, empowering words to remind you how awesome you are. A good friend of mine just ordered one that simply says ‘Breathe.’, and I love it! It’s perfect for her. I have some available in the shop, or you can order custom affirmation jewelry via my custom listing!

Now, I know that says the 26th, but we’re running a few days late because I decided to celebrate my launch with a giveaway!!! Not only will the winner win a custom affirmation bracelet from my shop, but the Wild Sisterhood has decided to help one amazing Vagabond reader reach her goals this year, too! If you’re not a part of the Wild Sisterhood, you should be. These ladies have been my wild and supportive motivation to chase my dreams this year.

Empowerment Giveaway

  • From the creator, Jen Saunders, we have a free copy of the January 2014 edition of Wild Sister Magazine, which is centered around the theme, ‘BEST YEAR EVER!!’…and I cannot WAIT to read it!


  • From Sharyn at Gutsy Girl, we have a winner’s choice between five mandala necklaces AND  a hand painted white egg cowrie shell with the winner’s word of the year!! I love, love personalized stuff (in case you can’t tell), and Sharyn’s stuff is great!


  • From Andrea at ‘Oh Happy Life!‘, we have a one-on-one ‘Transform and Shift’ session with Andrea, herself! Transform and shift sessions are designed to help you break free from fear or any stagnant energy or emotional block you are feeling. They are a way to rapidly shift and raise your vibration so you can see the possibilities that lie before you and be ready to take action. What a perfect way to start the new year!




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Thank you so much for joining us for our Empowerment Giveaway – good luck to everyone and Happy New Year!!


iPad Mini Giveaway!

ipad mini giveaway

ipad mini giveaway

Chantilly ~ ChantillySongs ♥ Marisa ~ The Shades of Monet Chronicles ♥ Lisa ~ Lala Faux Bois ♥ Shell ~ Kitty and Buck ♥ Marilyn ~ Pulp Sushi ♥ Sammy ~ The Cookie Button ♥ Amanda E ~ Little Lady Little City ♥ Regina ~ Acute Designs ♥ Katherine ~ Of Corgis and Cocktails ♥ Amanda A. ~ Little Tranquility ♥ Joanna ~ ModaMama ♥ Roxy ~ GrrFiesty ♥ Vanessa ~ Take Only Memories ♥ Sabrina ~ The Little Owl ♥ Miss Angie ~ My So-Called Chaos ♥ Shai ~ Vagabond Studio ♥ Chelsea ~ Life Unpublished ♥ Lauren ~ A Wild Tonic ♥ Jenna ~ Kitty Cat Stevens ♥ Jessa ~ Caked Blog


Ready for an awesome giveaway?! I am taking part in an iPad Mini giveaway, hosted by ChantillySongs and some other blogger friends!   We’ve all banded together to bring you an awesome prize for one lucky reader- a 16GB iPad Mini in white or black!!
Why is this prize is awesome? The iPad Mini is a perfect and convenient device for busy people of all stripes.  Great to take with you when you’re on the go, and don’t have room to lug your laptop along with you.  You can use it as a reader, check email or browse the Internet on it, write to-do lists, reminders, record inspiration, and more!
Please note:  This giveaway will be open until May 30th, and will be open only in the US, Canada, Germany, the UK, and Australia.
 Also, by the way, every single one of these ladies is worth getting to know.  Take a moment to check out their links, find some new favorites, and enter away!

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