Sunday Shares: Bliss, Existence, Clients, and PopUps.

We Rise By Lifting Others

I’m a firm believer that we only become better people – as friends, artists, business people, and all-around individuals – when we lift those around us rather than simply trying to lift ourselves. The goal of The Vagabond Studio is to inspire and educate, and I’m the first person to admit that I don’t have all of the knowledge and resources in the world. Even the things I do know, other people have said better. I’m just Shai – I share what I know and, starting today, I will share all the awesome stuff I find every Sunday.

So, here’s our first ‘Sunday Shares’!

Bliss Break! How 5 Minutes Can Transform Your Day via Wild Sister

Why Saying No is the Ultimate Form of Self-Care <– read this!!

‘You were known. You were seen. You were here.’   Beautiful writing from Hannah Brencher. Made me cry.

Ash Ambridge from The Middle Finger Project shares what customers really want in her ‘Just the Tip’ feature. <– LOVE this!

More from Ash: 75 (Curious) Steps of Writing a Blog Post <– this one made me LOL…cause it’s so true.

LKRSocialMedia’s 4 Step Process to Sell on Social Media

Nathalie Lussier has released a really cool, free pop-up Plug-In called PopUpAlly

Here’s an awesome ‘Better Bio Challenge’ for your 75-word-byline from Melissa Cassera!

And, there you have it! I’ll have even more for you next week on Sunday Shares! Let me know in the comments what kind of articles and posts you love to read and I’ll start bookmarking them in the hundreds of posts I read every week. <3

Little Letters #44- Some People Just Get Wet

Some People Feel the Rain

Little letters is a (sometimes) Weekly Feature where you get to see inside my life a little bit, as I write mini-notes to various things and people I have on my mind, for one reason or another. Sometimes, I even curse inanimate objects.

Dear Vagabonds, Don’t be one of those people that just gets wet. Take the things life throws at you and turn it into something great – a memory, a learning experience, something at which you can look back and laugh…anything but something miserable and draining. Life is too short for that. And, while you’re at it, look for the positive in things rather than the negatives. People are human and they’re going to make mistakes. People communicate in different ways and, just because you heard something one way doesn’t mean that’s how the person intended for it to be received. Life is much more enjoyable when you look for the best in people and situations – even the tough ones. And certainly don’t discount or give people a hard time if they find doing this easier than you – let them feel the rain, even if you don’t.

Dear S&S, It’s been a weird week of Josh Ritter and tears, here, for no reason whatsoever. I miss both of you, and late night talks and singing, and both the California and the Maine air.

Dear USPS International Customer Service, why, oh why, do you have an international tracking call center if all they’re going to say is ‘Sorry, International shipping isn’t trackable’ with attitude. I’m clear, people, but the package never made it out of the US!  #angryface #Idislikeuspstoday

Dear Tabi, You are the best.designer.buddy.ever. Having you in my back pocket is like having an adorably gorgeous little pixie sitting on the edge of my computer, waiting to make magic happen. True story.

Dear BSchool, Implementation Week is genius. Jus’sayin. And, thank you.

Caro te, anche dopo tutto questo tempo, il sole non dice mai verso la luna ‘Mi devi’. Guardate che cosa succede con un amore come quello.

You Want to Jump Off of a Perfectly Good Building?!

Ocean Scene, One Week to Live Quote

Last semester, I took several Eastern Philosophy courses and found myself being bombarded with the reality that we have just one life to live. ONE, people! I’ve made a lot of life changes since then. I stopped being scared of going for my dreams and just threw myself into them head first. I stopped hanging around negative people, or people who drained me, and surrounded myself with awesome folks.

My life is a lot like this:

But, here lately, I’ve been rocking my business SO much that I haven’t had time to do much else but spend a little time with the kids before bedtime. Sure, I take every other weekend to mostly relax, but what am I doing to enjoy my life? If I had one week to live, would I spend it doing this? 

Hells no!

If I had one week to live, I would go BASE jumping – or, as my step-dad says, ‘You want to jump off a perfectly good building?!’. Yes. Yes, I do. I would go see a concert. I would dress up like a superhero and parade down the streets of Atlanta.  I would dance in the streets, play in park fountains with my kids, take trips to Maine and California to see my amazing soul sisters, and take awesome weekend-date road drips. THAT is the life I want.

I love my job. LOVE it – I’ve worked my tush off to build it to what it is and will keep doing so. But, stop and ask ‘Why am I doing all of this?’. Are you working to work? Because, if you are, you might as well get a desk job.

Take the time to enjoy life and do really amazing things – whatever your definition of ‘amazing’ – even if you love your job. 

Today, I’m taking the kids to jump in a gym full of trampolines with trampoline walls. Next weekend, I’m doing The Color Run. A few weeks after that is the Renaissance Festival, and a bunch of local festivals in the following weeks. Journey is in May, KISS and Def Leppard are coming for my birthday, and then Dragon*Con and Alchemy (like, the burn) kick off the Fall. I am going to enjoy the hell out of all of these things! 

I am going to stop and go to dinner with friends, invite folks over for drinks and board games, act like a fool when I get the chance, and spend what little time I have on this planet enjoying being on this planet, not just working my dream job. 

So, if you knew you had one week to live, how would you spend it? Join the discussion on my Facebook page!

She Believed She Could, So She Did

So She Did

This bracelet was the first ever bracelet that I stamped when I received the supplies for my new business. Not only did I keep it, but I wear it on a daily basis. This is also one of my best selling quote bracelets in the shop. Why? Because women are attracted to this particular quote. Why? Because they want to be that woman who ‘did’.

And you know what? You can be. 

I haven’t always been a ‘do’er’ but, when I asked my friends and peers my top three qualities for a B-School assignment last week, all things related to being a ‘do’er’ and an ‘achiever’ were on their lists. The difference between the non-’doing’ Shai and the ‘Do’er’ Shai? I made the decision to do it. 

My blog was a decision.

My bouquet business was a decision.

Getting out of the bouquet business because my non-confrontational personality can’t handle stressed-out bride(zilla)s? Total decision.

Learning to face my fear of public speaking and getting the hell on stage?

Transitioning the bouquet shop into a bracelet shop and deciding I would support my family with it?

All of these things were decisions – choices I made, all of which I have been successful at accomplishing. How? I never once said ‘I want to…’ or ‘I think I might…’, I just said ‘I’m going to’, and then did it. I researched, learned, trained, practiced, researched some more, and kept at it until I could look down at that bracelet, smile, and think ‘Hell yeah I did!’ instead of using it as a motivational tool.

Now, don’t get me wrong…it has not been an easy road. Trying to figure out how to handle wholesale orders with finals and two sick kids home from school, with an impending Christmas deadline was hell. When I started the blog, I was fairly certain other bloggers were speaking their own language and I, the unknowing underdog, would never be a part of the ‘Cool Kids Club’ where lingo like ‘SEO’ and ‘conversion’ made sense. I have walked away from and/or chickened out of multiple speaking engagements, and my most recent speaking event was interrupted by an uncooperative child giving himself a nosebleed (#momproblems #ugh). I’ve lost more sleep than I’d like to admit, made more mistakes than I thought possible, and found myself at numerous road blocks and detours, but I just kept going. 

If you want to start your own business, you can do it.

If you want to start your own blog, you can do that, too.

What you can’t do, though, is ‘do it’ while saying ‘I want to’. 

What steps are you going to take, today, toward the things you believe you can do?!