Little Letters #42 – The Answer to Everything!

Little Letters 42

It’s been a month and three days since my last Little Letters post – I guess it’s about time I bring back another one. It’s been a weird month – a lot of settling into myself, I suppose. And I’ve come to the decision that settling into yourself really is the answer to everything. SO, without further delay:


Dear Maine-Heart, I love that I can always turn to you, even when I don’t realize I need it.

Dear Tetris, I forgot how much you rock. Holy mind-melt. Thanks for that bit of nostalgia and relaxation, even if I never made it past level four because I’m now old(er) and suck at my favorite games.

Dear Ikea, You made me a happy camper this weekend. Spending five hours doing nothing but perusing textures, colors and patterns made my inner artist scream for a little love and attention.

Dear ITP, I never thought I’d like hanging out inside-the-perimeter. I don’t consider myself a country girl, by any means, but I much prefer smaller, walk-able, historic little towns. You’re not so bad, though, Atlanta.

Dear Interstates, I have conquered you. CONQUERED!

Dear Bitch-in-the-Box via Google Maps, I should probably give you a new nickname, because you’re the only reason I conquered interstates in the first place. It’s much easier to navigate traveling from interstate to interstate in Atlanta when you have someone in your ear saying ‘In a quarter mile, take the exit on the right to >insertlocation< and then follow the left fork onto >insert interstate<’ No reason to panic! You’re my new best friend.

Dear SoCon14, Public speaking wasn’t my thing. Huge fear. I’ve written multiple blog posts about it. However, I’m finding myself not so scared to speak, now. I want to do it. I’m almost *excited* to do it. Whaaat?

Dear Senior Seminar Project, You will not defeat me. If I didn’t let Italian defeat me, a peace project definitely will not, either!

Dear ArtistChild, The sass has to go. HAS to. Parenting a preteen is more challenging than parenting a toddler – your brother as a toddler, to be specific, and he’s even crazier than you were. Just breathe, and smile. Or, something.

Dear Ninja, Thank you for being an angel, today, babycakes. I’ve missed my cute little man.

Dear WildSisters, Oh, the projects you ladies have going on are too darn inspiring! I love seeing how much we’re all growing together!

Caro tu, vi ringrazio per appena essere te. Tu sei esattamente quello che mi serve, quando ne ho bisogno.


Little Letters #41

I Am Enough

Dear S & S – Thank you, loving hearts, for helping me realize the above statement is true. I never loved who I genuinely am at the core until you two came along. I’m not even sure I knew who she was.

Dear ArtistChild, After a long break and then two days of ‘inclement weather’ delays, you’re heading back to school. I am going to miss the hell out of you. You’ve been sassy and exhausted and sick, this week, but I’ve enjoyed being with you nearly every day (all day) for nearly a month.

Dear Ninja, Big boy underoos? Really? Mama is not prepared.

Dear Wingman, Thank you….for just being there.

Dear Classes, I am so not ready for you to start. So.not.ready!

Dear Wife-in-Law, Thank you for helping me get this place straightened out, today! I was making headway, but you knocked a good three days off of my schedule once the three of us tackled it together.

Dear Blog Readers, Thank you SO much for entering my empowerment giveaway! There’s still a few days left, so catch it while you can. I’ve received a number of orders just from readers seeing the giveaway posted, and that means a great deal to me. I love how supportive you all are of handmade, and my business wouldn’t thrive without you!

Dear Cold Weather, You haven’t sucked as much as I thought you were going to. I can, apparently, handle below zero temperatures. Maybe moving north isn’t totally out of the question?

Little Letters #40


I have had numerous people ask me to bring back my Little Letters series (which I actually started when Emily @ Freckled Fox was doing a Little Letters Link-Up), so here I am. It’s always been my favorite blog feature, I just haven’t had much time to sit and blog here lately.

Finals and the holidays are upon us, and that equals crazy, crazy time for me!

Anyway, here are my Little Letters for the week. Don’t forget to link yours in the comments! 

Dear Holidays,  Normally, I hate you. I don’t like you much, this year, but I like that I have had a little hand in making so many people happy this year. I like making people happy.

Dear Etsy Customers, THANK YOU for all of your business! I have lost count of how many bracelets I’ve made, but I know business has by far exceeded my expectations – I’ve had just as many off-Etsy orders as I’ve had on Etsy. We took off like a rocket, for sure, and it was all because of you!

Dear Wingman, Thank you for helping me get here. Seriously. My time with you has changed the entire course of my life.

Dear Asian Philosophy Exam, Please be as uncomplicated as I expect you to be. It’s really hard to work on you when the toddler is refusing to sleep…

Dear Phenomenology, I dominated you as much as a pacifist can possibly dominate and, for that, I am thrilled.

Caro italiano, Grazie per non essere in così difficile come il tedesco. Scherzi. Ho persino Genere di come tu. Prossimo semestre, ci incontreremo on line. Questo dovrebbe essere interessante.

Dear Ninja, Please leave the terrible twos far, far behind. Quickly. Please?

Dear ArtistChild, You make the best cuddle buddy ever.

Dear DiAnn, I am so excited for you!! I can’t wait to show you the ropes and help you do what you want to do. I love watching people follow their dreams.

Dear S&S, I could really use a weekend of hot chocolate and blanket-wrapped star gazing right about now.

Dear Kickstart Labs, You will be the reason my success continues and my work grows in 2014. You rock my socks.

What are your Little Letters this week?

Little Letters #39

Change Quote

Dear Professor, Last week, I really didn’t like you. I read assignments with disdain and walked into class reluctantly. This week, I don’t mind you so much. Thank you for taking the time to reassure me that you’re not actually a jerk.

Dear Thesis, When I learned, at the start of the semester, that I would have to tackle a paper this large, I nearly had a panic attack. As it turns out, despite being more work than I’ve put into any other school project, you’re kind of fun now that I’ve settled on a thesis topic – phenomenology and the environment? Yes, please. You’ve helped me find a way to connect my major with my minor (and, my dreams….finally!).

Dear Kiddo, You broke your first heart this week. While part of me is really happy it wasn’t your heart that was broken, the other part of me is a little devastated that someone else’s son (whom I happen to adore) is sad. You’re too young for this!

Dear Confucius, I’m a little surprised I agree with you as much as I do. The Analects has been interesting to read, and I’m looking forward to this paper. Thanks for being so wise….er…such an ‘authoritative person’.

Dear Etsy, I’m pretty sure you invented the Forums to keep Etsy sellers on Etsy all day. True story.

Dear Talk2theTrees and A New Day, Thank you for hosting my very first bracelet giveaways!

Dear Ninja, This stomach bug has *got* to go!

Little Letters #38

Paul Chappell Peace Leadership Training

It’s my favorite post of the week, again!!  Every week, I try to make it a point to explain why I chose the photo I did for that weeks Little Letters but, really, if you follow the blog, you probably already know this face pretty well. For those that don’t, this urhmazing man is Paul Chappell. Paul is the Peace Leadership Director at the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation and has written four books (of a seven book series) on war, peace, and waging peace. You can catch many of his lectures over on YouTube.

I had the opportunity to fly out to Santa Barbara, California this summer to spend a week at Peace Leadership Training with Paul and, let me tell ya, it was life changing. And, last night, I picked Paul up from the airport for a series of lectures he’s giving at my university today. I have no idea how a hero has turned into a friend or how my life has gone from art student to peace leader, but this guy had a lot to do with it. SO, on to Little Letters:

Dear Paul, Thank you SO much for all of the work you do! Learning from you has been an inspiration, and I have learned just as much about myself as I have the world. When I saw your picture on the back of a book two years ago, I never expected to not only meet you, but form a friendship. It’s an absolute honor to have you at KSU today, and I’m really sorry I get lost in Atlanta. :P

Dear PSA Students, I love being at a University where students have such open minds. Seriously. I can’t imagine getting my degree with another group of people. Some of you are graduating at the end of this semester, and I sort of want to choke you. But, you know…pacifism. You rock, though. Really. Even if you are leaving.

Dear S&S,

Dear Crystal, Thank you for the help this week. It’s such a huge relief to have someone who has my back. Just remember I always have yours, too!

Dear VH, Seriously, you saved me this week. I want to sit under a mossy tree with you this weekend and just breathe a big sigh of relief that this week, however positively chaotic it may be, is over…and I couldn’t have made it through it without you. P.S. You make a really great crafter. <3

Dear Coffee, You make a trusty sidekick.

Dear Italian, I take it back – I do not hate you. P.S. Does it really work….attracting flies with honey?