Posts of the Week: 2/7-2/14

Here we are again! I’ll make this short and sweet, and then get to the Posts of the Week. 1) I love my readers. So many of you have messaged/emailed me over the last few days with awesome compliments and comments. If any more of you would like to be included on a ‘Review’ page, feel free to go to the Contact Form and tell me something I’ve done to inspire you, or something you love about the blog. 2) The fundraiser has 29 days left - lets do this! I am about 22% towards reaching my goal and attending peace leadership training! 3) I want to send a huge thank you to all of the bloggers who have done so much networking here lately. I love my blogger friends – we feel like second family sometimes.

Now, on to the posts! My favorite this week is actually the last one, which doesn’t have a photo.

sweetheart salad, Freckled Fox, Recipe
heart shoes, tutorial, DIY
Courage, Quote, Art
On Compassion and Courage via My Mod Style
Pen Pal, Mail, Clip Art
Call for Pen Pals! via Charlie Foxtrot
Corn Starch, Face Powder, Natural
Corn Starch Face Powder! via ChantillySongs
waiting, quote, Leminy Snickett
Olive loaf, recipe, bread
Incredible post on Imperfection via Skool of Life

Posts of the Week: 1/10-1/17

It’s Thursday! You all know the drill – I do not claim any of these posts or photographs as my own. I simply see them throughout the week and then share them with you every Thursday. This week is short and sweet, mostly because that last link will probably have you busy for awhile. ♥ Have fun browsing these awesome posts and blogs!

DIY, Dream Catcher
Lavender, Honey, Coffee Syrup
Miss Indie, Smoothie, Citrus
Valentine, DIY, projects

Posts of the Week 1/3-1/10

Wow, is it already Thursday!? First week of school, for me, always flies by. It’s been busy, busy around here, with bouquet orders coming in and now assignments and readings to finish. Add all that in with a sassy almost-two-year-old Ninja who suddenly thinks he rules the house and is oh-so-cute in doing so, and I shouldn’t be surprised time flies around here.  These are his ‘I’m in trouble’ faces. Sassy pants, eh? How can one stay mad at this?! He’s even getting the dad-glare from VagabondHusband…the other three instantly freeze and behave at that face. But no, not this kid. 


Anyway, on to bigger things – Posts of the Week! Per usual, I do not claim to own or have created any of these posts or photos. I simply see them on my Bloglovin’ feed every week and think they’re too good not to share. ♥ So, here we go!

What were some of your favorite posts this week? Share them in the Link Love! ♥ 

Posts of the Week: 12/27-1/3

Welcome to our first Posts of the Week of 2013!!! Many other blogs seemed to end their year with 2012 Wrap-Ups and 2013 Resolutions, some of which I’ll share with you, but I did find a bunch of posts with other material that I thought were absolutely share-worthy! I hope you enjoy this collection from the past week – some of the posts are from the same bloggers but are too good not to share. 

Per usual, I claim zero ownership of these photos, ideas, or posts. I simply read them and decide they are too good to not pass on! ♥ 

This is part of a Best of DIY Wrap-Up from Wonder Forest, and I LOVE it! Her Best of…Motivation Edition is incredible, as well. 

Studio MME is doing a 365 Portrait challenge – go read for details! 

Ruthie Hart has a recipe for a super easy spinach dip

Parker, Etc. has a cute tutorial on transforming clip-ons - super useful for my DIY/Refashion Brides!

I’m beginning to think this weekly feature isn’t complete without a post from The Freckled Fox. This week, her homemade mushroom soup was irresistible. 

House of Humble shares a quick and easy Veggie Nacho recipe

It was hard to pick from all the mushroom recipes posted this week, but this one was a must. Doesn’t this mushroom burger from A Beautiful Mess look delicious? 

And another post from Wonder Forest – this time, part 9 of her Building a Business Series, called ‘Changes and Uncertainty’. This whole series is a must-read! 

I hope you enjoyed this week’s ‘Posts of the Week’! What were your favorites? 

Posts of the Week: 12/13-12/20

It’s time for our weekly round-up of my favorite posts! I actually had alot more saved from this week. However, many of them were DIY’s, and who has time for that between now and the holidays? I may add them in to next week, since next week’s posts around the blog-o-sphere will likely be personal celebration accounts. 

Per usual, I claim absolutely zero right to any of these posts, tutorials, recipes, or photos. I simply gather my favorites from the week and share the ones I adore with you guys! 

Christmas Tree, DIY, Smudge Sticks
DIY Smudge Sticks via Mama Earth Project

TreeTalker, Talk2theTrees, painting
Beautiful new paintings for sale by Talk2theTrees

honey, lavender, marshmallow,flavored
Lavender and Honey Marshmallow Recipe from A Beautiful Mess

DIY, stamped, scarf
No-Sew Stamped Scarf from Design Sponge

Easy, gift ideas, holidays

bleach, alternative

hair, holidays
Holiday Hair!! Via The Freckled Fox

salt dough stars
Salt Dough Star Recipe from House of Humble